Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-11 Laser Projector


Enjoy an epic viewing experience virtually anywhere with the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-11 Laser Projector. With a built-in high-quality speaker system, this all-in-one projector is the perfect way to watch all your favorite content. Simply connect your entertainment devices using the HDMI port and you’re ready to project your favorite content up to an epic 150″ — no screen required.

The Epson EpiqVision Mini EF-11 Laser Projectior takes the complexity out of watching your favorite content anywhere in your home.

    • Full HD 1080p resolution
    • Stunning Picture Quality up to 381cm (150″)
    • Screen Mirroring from smart devices1
    • Integrated Dual-Speaker Audio System
    • Lightweight of up to 1.2kg
    • 20,000 Hours Laser Light Source Technology


Low maintenance cost
With 20,000 hours of laser light source life, EpiqVision Laser Projector practically have little to no maintenance costs2 while you enjoy more than 10 years of entertainment3.

Quick start-up
With the short start-up time needed for EpiqVision Laser Projector, start watching the latest movies and catch up on your favorite shows without further wait and hassle.

Sleek and compact
With a weight as light as 1.2Kg, the EpiqVision Mini EF-11 Laser Projector is easy to carry around and blends in well with any environment due to its sleek design.

Smart devices-ready
With built-in screen mirroring function, you can easily cast movies, shows and photos from your smart devices.


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